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    日島香料分別在廣東茂名及海南萬寧(興隆鎮)建有天然香料植物種植基地,以及占地四萬多平方米的天然香精香料茂名和柬埔寨西港加工廠, 擁有處于國內領先水平的現代化冷榨、萃取、濃縮工藝生產設備,引進美國安捷倫6890-5975氣質聯用儀和1200S液相色譜儀,奧地利安東帕密度計和全自動折光儀,德國現代化多功能精細設備等先進儀器設備。

    公司堅持依托高科技,充分利用海南及東南亞國家豐富的熱帶天然原料植物資源,加強與國內外企業的合作與交流,已與德國、俄羅斯、柬埔寨、越南等煙精企業和中國煙草總公司、鄭州煙草研究院、云南煙草科學研究院、西安西北大學、中國熱帶農業科學院等科技院所建立了密切的科技協作關系。公司秉承:“以科技為根本,以品質為信譽,以優質為服務,以滿意為宗旨”的目標,通過了ISO 9001質量管理體系認證、ISO 14001環境管理體系認證、ISO45001職業健康安全管理體系認證,形成了較為完善的生產天然及合成煙精質量保證體系。主要產品有各類煙用香精香料,梗絲、薄片加香加料及精油。我司具備年產5000噸天然及合成香精香料生產能力,產品銷往國內22個省、市、自治區20多家煙草企業,并遠銷德國、東南亞等國家。







         Haikou Ridao Spice Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "RD Spice" for short) was founded in 1988, headquartered in Haikou City,Hainan province. It is a considerable company specializing in cigarette flavor & casing with a integration of research, manufacture, import and export business. The company is not only a member of China Association of Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industries, but also the director unit of Product Quality Association of China,as well as the sole agent in China of Borgwaldt Flavor GmbH., a German tobacco flavor company.

     RD Spice built two plant bases for growing natural flavor in Maoming city, Guangdong province & Xinglong town Wanning city, Hainan province of China. Our both processing factories covers an area of more than 40 thousand square meters with the modern technology facilities of cold pressing, extracting, concentrating in the domestic production leading level respectively in Maoming China and Sihanoukville Cambodia. Its imported some sophisticated apparatuses, such as America Agilent GC&MS 6890-5975 & Agilent HPLC 1200S, Austria Anton Paar Density Meter & Abbemat 300 and other high-tech apparatuses from Germany.

     On the base of high-tech and taking good advantage of rich tropic plants resources in Hainan China and South East Asia, the company built up a close cooperative relationship with tobacco enterprises of Germany, Russia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and academics including China Tobacco Corporation, Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute, Yunnan Academy of Tobacco, Xian Northwest University, Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences. Sticking to the policy of With science research and quality reputation, To gain your satisfaction by our warm service., the company was acquired certificates of ISO9001 & 14001, 45001, which formed its own good quality control system. The main products include all types of natural & synthesis tobacco flavors and essential oils, with annual output of 5000 tons, which have been distributed to 20 tobacco companies of 22 provinces and cities of China and exported to Germany and Southeast Asian countries.

     RD Spice would still insist on the aim of Natural and Green spice for the human society. You are sincerely welcome to our company for the corporation of any kind concerned with our products so as to service the taboo industry altogether. We believe in the power of creating a rich and refreshing taste experience to the tobacco products, with our complete modern quality control, testing,simulation and other R&D technologies, combined with highly innovative product solutions.

    Being with RD Spice, bring in the brilliant future!

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